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Why Consider Cremation over Burial?

More families are choosing cremation over casket burial.

Here's why:

A loved one’s passing brings on new responsibilities. Your family now counts on you to make a host of decisions, large and small. In this "uncharted territory," you may not know where to begin.

It may interest you to know; traditional burial is no longer, “traditional.” The alternative to traditional is less complicated, more convenient, more affordable, and easier on the environment.

In fact, cremations have outpaced burials for the past three years. The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) has forecast that the national rate of cremation will reach nearly 80% by the year 2035. While some states like Hawaii, Maine and Michigan are embracing cremation more quickly than others, the overall trend is clear; cremation is on the rise.

In contrast, the embalming rate is on the decline. Casket burials are becoming less common. Even the Vatican has called the trend toward cremation “unstoppable.”

Cremation offers more options regarding your loved one's final resting place. With cremation, you're free from the constraints of a cemetery. You can keep your loved one's remains at home in a beautiful urn, or scatter them at the top of a mountain. Cremation offers you the option of keeping your loved ones near, even if you move out of state.

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